Q Li Holmes Oriental Arts

"My painting flows along with my life, and 'new expression' is the call at present. And as always, the joy of balancing on minimal ground thrills me."      -- Q Li Holmes  
Red Flower, 32x32"

Red Flower, 32x32"

Q Li Holmes


Born in China, Q was trained in Both China and Japan.

Q's paintings have evolved from her early exposure in the East and life in Western Massachusetts . She inherited the ancient Chinese-Japanese art traditions which reaches back in time to vistas of misty mountains and glimpses of rain-soaked lotuses, sentient stones and pensive bamboo, but  life in New England has also given her a second nature of maple-lined roads, lichened stone walls and open fields with an occasional weathered barn.  Now her lines are getting simpler and colors more expressive

The media are mineral color, rice paper or canvas.